Episode 56: “Oh daddy, that’s a lot of sea bass!”

June 21, 2017

Joey and Sean record an emergency podcast after a crazy day of trades and draft maneuvering. We declare winners of the Celtics-Sixers, Lakers-Nets, and Hawks-Hornets trades, find new homes for Kevin Love and DeAndre Jordan, and once more denounce the constantly-traded Plumlee family. We also warn Chauncey Billups away from a doomed GM job, mourn the imminent breakup of the Hoopers fmaily, and learn that Dwyane Wade's contract would buy 661,111 pounds of sea bass.


Episode 55: “Have I been muted this whole time?”

June 16, 2017

The three Roundball Rock guys are back, making a new audio television show! We recap the Finals, talking KD's sobriety, JaVale's legacy, and Steph Curry's unneeded redemption. We also look at the dradt, debate Lonzo Bal lafter his amazing Foot Locker ad, and preview the arena in Inglewood, which is up to no good, and will come to represent all that is terrible about LA sports. Sponsored by Joe Lacob's "Light Beers Ahead."


Episode 54: “John McCain was the Deron Williams of the Comey hearing”

June 9, 2017

Dave, Joey, and Sean look ahead to Game Four of the Finals and bet big on a Warriors sweep. We answer reader questions, drag Fred Hoiberg, investigate the weed smell from the Cavs locker room, LeBron's summer plans, and learn how the DNC rigger the soundtrack to "Thunderstruck." And the Warriors face perhaps their most daunting opponent yet: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - and Matthew Dellavedova.


Episode 53: “We can’t have a playoffs if someone’s not getting kicked in the nuts”

June 8, 2017

Joey and Sean do a postgame recap of the Warriors' Game Three comeback, Kyrie's crazy layups, J.R. Smith's crazy tweets, and the Cavs' bench's crazy net rating. Steph Curry out-rebounds Tristan Thompson, LeBron out-Draymonds Draymond, and Tyronn Lue strokes out down the stretch. Sponsored by Wilt Chamberlain's "40,000 Lines About 20,000 Women."


Episode 52: “Papa, there goes that Roach” LIVE

June 3, 2017

It's a LIVE Roundball Rock from the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco, with special guests Zach Harper (@talkhoops), NPR darling Chris Garcia, and sideline reporter Joe Tobin. We talk about the Finals, visit Ayesha's Kitchen, have an NBA spelling bee, explore the Game One Thirst Rankings, match up the Warriors with the Monstars, and give away a signed DVD of the Billy Christal white slavery epic, My Giant. 

The first few minutes were cut off, but Don Pardo and the robot seamlessly recreated the opening moments.


Episode 51: “That was whistle-tip era Oakland, and Stephen Jackson is the NBA’s Bubb Rubb”

May 31, 2017

Joey and Sean welcome Ezekiel Kweku (MTV News, VICE Sports, @theshrillest on Twitter) for a super-sized preview of the NBA Finals. We talk about the PTSD of Oakland fans, zero-confidence playoff merchandise, Matt Barnes boxing Dahntay Jones, Chris Paul in San Antonio, Jerry West in Clipperland, Lonzo Ball in Boston, Phil Jackson's email filters, and the randomness of the NBA finals/the universe. We make our Finals picks, match up this year's Warriors with last year's Warriors, and we explore why ladies love Andre Iguodala. Sponsored by Anderson Varejao's improv studio, Yes-Anderson's.


“It’s live fam!” - Roundball Rock Live Announcement

May 26, 2017

Dave, Joey, Sean, and Don Pardo are coming to San Francisco during the NBA Finals for a live podcast recording Friday, June 2 at the Hemlock Tavern. The show is at 6 PM and it is FREE. Featuring drinks, games, giveaways, and special guests including C.J. Toledano and more. See your favorite podcasters in person and live your life to the roundest.


Episode 50: “Would Chev Chelios pass an NBA drug test?”

May 22, 2017

Dave joins us from the churro paradise of San Antonio to recap the conference finals blowouts, JaVale's poncho, rigging the draft lottery, Steve Javie and the NBA retweet center, the Spurs' freaky Coyote, and the deepest draft of all time: the Vietnam War. Plus the Warriors battle a team of Jason Stathams, and we welcome a new sponsor, Mark Jackson's "Mama, There Goes That Manwich."


(Closing music: "All Night Party", Dennis Scott)


Episode 49: “Didn’t Pop coach at Deep State for a couple of years?”

May 15, 2017

Dave, Sean, and Joey return to break down the playoffs like it's a Kawhi Leonard ankle ligament. We talk about dirty players, Steph's Hamilton hat, Tony Awards, Kobe meeting George R.R. Martin, and Coach Pop reignites the Woke Off! Plus we explore the next trolling fashion trends beyond Funeral Games, predict Game 7 of Wizards-Celtics, and the Warriors battle another famous destroyer of ankles, Kathy Bates from "Misery."


Episode 48: “Listeners, Tweet us how you want to die”

May 12, 2017

Spurs superfan/hilarious comedian and host of @TheEveryReport joins us to talk James Harden, Spurs-Warriors, and more. Plus you get to hear Sean and Joey poorly explain who Lil' B is! Don't curse us Based God! Plus, Joey calls a listener a coward and IMMEDIATELY regrets it! (please forgive me listener!)